STUFF YER FACE: Breaded Calamari

Yo my peoples whats good, its been a minute since we hung out… I’ve been so busy shoving grub in my mouth that I’ve overlooked blogging about it. But fret not, I’m back in the game and ready to eat. Lets get it.

I love calamari and the crazy thing is for as many years as I’ve been into it (and how much of a cooking nerd I am) I’d never made squid at home. Until now! Let me tell you, it was way simpler than I thought it’d be and they came out delicious!

I soaked the calamari rings in seasoned milk for a couple hours.

I decided that I wanted to make them breaded and pan fried, so I got my eggs and breading prepped.

I did some double coated in the panko and flour and I did some with just panko, both came out tasty.

Throw them little buggers in a pan with some very hot vegetable oil. They cook quick, get them golden brown on each side and they’re done. Be careful not to over cook or you’ll get rubber rings.

I served them up on a bed of arugula, which has a nice peppery flavor that complimented well. Hook up whatever you favorite dipping sauce is and enjoy!

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