Street Beasts Vol. IV

Hello bass and beast enthusiasts!

I have some fun new stories and pics to share with you this month. Where do I start? Let’s see… I went on a trip to Montreal recently. It’s always interesting for me to see how pets are treated in other countries. In my humble opinion, US is pretty strict with pet related rules compared to let’s say Europe. ┬áIn Europe dogs accompany their owners pretty much everywhere. You see them in restaurants and shops, and nobody seems to mind. In the US most dogs spend their lives just going for walks in the parks or around their neighborhoods with perhaps an occasional trip to a pet store. They rarely get to participate in their families outing unless the outing is of a very “outdoorsy” variety. Well, getting back to my Montreal trip. Apparently Montreal is kinda more like Europe because while walking around the city I spotted this gentleman being a modern day rickshaw to his bichon.

Montreal dogs travel in style

Back in Boston, it was life as usual at the vet’s office with the exception that now we have a new mascot (kinda). Every veterinary hospital at some point in time acquires an animal that basically ends up being a “house pet” until an opportunity to adopt it out to a good home presents itself. Well, we have a new cat now. Her name is Mocha and she is kind of ridiculous. This is the cat that lets you do anything to her as long as you are paying attention to her. She will sit on top of anything that you may be doing in order to be close to you whether it be a computer keyboard, a cup of coffee or a surgical instrument pack that you are wrapping to be sterilized. To quote a client “She is very aggressive… in her attention seeking”.

If anyone in Boston wants this beast, let me know. She is a total ham.









Other than that there has been a regular parade of cuteness at work. a couple of ridiculously adorable pups – a corgi and a smooth haired Brussels Griffon (first time I’ve ever seen a smooth one).























I spent time with these two beasts. Their names are Chance (the little Italian Greyhound) and Gunner (the slightly bigger Whippet). Of course, the little one is totally bad-ass and not afraid of ANYTHING, while Gunner who is 4 times as big is a total delicate flower and a bit of a mama’s boy.

My parting gift to you this month is this newborn baby squirrel that was brought in by animal control and hung out with us for a few hours before being sent to a wild-life rehab center. This baby’s mother was hit by a car, so she was scared and alone and hungry.

And yes, even though squirrels are basically pest, they are still absolutely adorable especially when they are babies. I kinda played mother to this baby for a few hours “Daenerys Targaryen”- style. I hope she does well when she is released back into the wild.

That’s it for me this time. See you next month!

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Born and raised in Soviet Union / Russia and currently living in Boston, I am a relative newcomer to the world of electronic music. I fell in love with bass music about five and a half years ago but since being a spectator is not really "my thing", I started running a weekly called Music Ecology at one of Boston's bars about 6 months later. Since then, I have been heavily involved with the electronic music scene in Boston producing or promoting events and working for the annual Together festival. Most recently, I joined the Seclusiasis family to gain knowledge on the label industry and assist them with some of their marketing needs.
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