1. 01. Warsnare ft. Vienna Shilling – Predator & Prey (Starkey Remix)

Warsnare dropped some excellent releases for us last year. His ‘Endgame’ mini-LP got EVERYONE buzzing last year, even the grumpiest bloggers and critics had to give it its due. So to relive that magic, here’s one of our favourite cuts from the album, reinvigorated and re-flipped by the Starkbot.

WARSNARE emerges from the creative melting pot that is South East London, carving out a unique sound from the remains of pop culture. Having produced soundtracks for award-winning short films and AV installations, as well as an arsenal of releases with the ‘Eris EP’ (Shades, 2012) and the ‘Brutalist EP’ (Seclusiasis, 2013) WARSNARE, aka Daniel Potter, produces music impossible to pin down.

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