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Sduk & Halp – Lunge


  1. Lunge

Its no secret that Slit Jockey Records and Seclusiasis are sister labels, sharing similar interests and sounds but having unique outlooks and focuses at the same time. Well we decided it was was about time that we allow for more of a crossover between the labels, so we’ve started a series of free promo singles called “Seclus Jockey.” From time to time we’ll send out exclusive full quality tracks for everyone to get down with! The idea is to feature tracks that are collaborations or remixes between artists that are involved in both labels, but its loose and all kinds of goodies may pop up in this series.

To jump start the Seclus Jockey releases, we have a collab track from Sduk and Halp that is called “Lunge.” This track is a quirky melding of their styles, an 8-bit meets dubstep meets hands in the air. Grab it now and feel free to share with everyone!!!

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