Dev79 presents

Street Bass Bootlegs


  1. Dev79 – I Get Sideways (Original Mix)
  2. Future featuring T.I. – Magic (Starkey Remix)
  3. 50 Cent – Candy Shop (Rx & Shiftee Remix)
  4. Jammer ft LOTM All Stars – Lord Of The Mic (Dev79 Remix)
  5. P Money – Ratta Tatta (Bombé Remix)
  6. MANIKAN – In A B (Original Mix)
  7. Shystie – Swagula (Dev79 Remix)
  8. Skinny Boys – Gotta Be Fresh (Knight Riderz Remix)
  9. Starkey – Watching (Original Mix)
  10. SLK – Hype Hype (Siyoung Remix)
  11. Pimp C ft Mike Jones & Bun B – Pourin’ Up (Gladkill & Posh Remix)
  12. Lil Scrappy ft 2 Chainz & Twista – Helicopter (Dev79 & Jack Horner Remix)
  13. Mondre M.A.N – Thizzle In The Paint (Sonkin Refix)
  14. Lil’Wayne featuring Gucci Mane – We Be Steady Mobbin’ (Dr. Ew & Bombé Remix)
  15. Dev79 – Fiesta Rub (Original Mix)

The successful Street Bass compilation series have proven that, time and again, Starkey and Dev79 have a sixth sense for assembling the works of some of the most forward thinking producers in the world, with each Street Bass volume exceeding it’s predecessor. And the second volume of Bootlegs continues the tradition.

Street Bass Bootlegs Volume 2 is available as a free download from, the club/electronic sister site to, which is one of, if not THE, biggest mixtape download sites. Dev79 presents Street Bass Bootlegs Volume 2 features all un-mixed full remixes, refixes and reworks of the likes of Lil Scrappy, 2 Chainz, 50 Cent, Twista, Skinny Boys, Lil’ Wayne, Gucci Mane, Jammer, Bun B, Mike Jones, among others, chopped and reconfigured by powerhouse producers such as Starkey, Rx & Shiftee, Dev79, Knight Riderz, Bombé, Sonkin, Gladkill & Posh, Siyoung and more.

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