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Street Bass Anthems Vol. 4 – Singles

Buddy Leezle – Left My Heart in Philadelphia (Starkey remix)







  1. Starkey ft. Non & Halfcast “Alarm”
  2. DNAEBEATS “Razor Kut”
  3. Siyoung “Fire!”
  4. Dev79 ft. Edu K “Heat Reasons (Kotchy remix)”
  5. Buddy Leezle “Left My Heart in Philadelphia (Starkey remix)”

To start off, Starkey teams up with MCs Non (of the acclaimed abstract hip hop group Shadow Huntaz) and Halfcast to create the epic shoegaze hip hop vibes of “Alarm.” And he rounds things out by turning Buddy Leezle’s tune into a sci-fi grime pondering on the city of brotherly love.

Gift of Gab’s (of Blackalicious) producer/DJ and XLR8R named “Producer Extraordinaire” DNAEBEATS brings on “Razur Kut,” which straddles the line between sludgy hip hop and boomin’ dancefloor fare, with an infectious r&b sample.

Philly indie rap darlings Plastic Little lent us their DJ/producer and Siyoung turned out this bonkers heavy dubstep tune call “Fire!,” which is sure to keep ya feet stomping and ya fists pumping!

Bringin’ things full circle, Kotchy remixes Dev79 and Edu K’s “Heat Reasons” (which the original is from Street Bass Anthems Vol. 1). Kotchy injects a quirky pop swagger that really lures ya in.

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