Starkey presents

Street Bass Anthems Volume 4

Starkey – Hair Redone

Dev79 – Get It G

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    01 – Starkey “Bass on Road Intro”
    02 – Starkey “Starkvillain”
    03 – Pacheko “Lockdown (6Blocc refix)”
    04 – Dev79 “Party Heavy”
    05 – BD1982 “Soldier (Subtract)”
    06 – Hunchbak “Sum Body”
    07 – Starkey “Hair Redone”
    08 – Down Jones “Gals Be Wilin ”
    09 – Starkey ft. Non & Halfcast “Alarm”
    10 – DNAEBEATS “Razor Kut”
    11 – Siyoung “Fire!”
    12 – Dev79 ft. Edu K “Heat Reasons
    (Kotchy remix)”
    13 – Slugabed “Slugabed Sez”
    14 – Dev79 “Get It G”
    15 – Starkey “Ferreals”
    16 – Hovatron “Must Be His”
    17 – Stagga “I Got Base”
    18 – blnd! “Inna Yuh Faya”
    19 – BD1982 “Parallel to Tell”
    20 – Buddy Leezle “Left My Heart in Philadelphia
    (Starkey remix)”

This new installment in the series is boiling over with so much talent its crazy. Some highlights include Plastic Little’s DJ Siyoung and his bonkers heavy dubstep tune “Fire!,” sick UK artist Slugabed (Planet Mu, Ramp Records) and his reworking of the hip hop classic Simon Says, some funky house stylings on Dev79’s “Party Heavy,” Montreal’s turbo crunk sound turns up courtesy of Hovatron, and of course Starkey’s offerings, which include the slick future r&b of “Hair Redone” and the bubblin’ dub nod of “Ferreals.” We could go on, every track is pure heat, but just check the music, you’ll see.

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