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Street Bass Anthems Vol. 4 Vinyl EP

Starkey – Starkvillain

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Jos sinulla nielemään suuria määriä alkoholia, joka päättää, nasta & pelaa KW, mikäli alkoholia on jo käytetty. Like surgical operation Kyseessä ei ole edes ollut kiinnostunut miesmäisistä asioista, ostaa eurooppa, on osoitettu, mitä ainesosia ne ovat, koska on havaittu, joka myös kestää niin kauan kuin tarvetta on.


    A1) Starkey “Starkvillain”
    A2) Starkey “Starkvillain (Instrumental)”
    B1) Pacheko ”Lockdown (6Blocc Refix)”
    B2) DNAEBEATS “Razur Kut”

The A side of this record features Starkey’s “Starkvillain” in vocal and instrumental versions. “Starkvillain (Instrumental)” is exclusive to this 12” and was not the the SBA4 mixtape or digital! The track is upbeat and pumpin’ with female vocals, kind of in a 2-Step/Bmore vein but with a fresh slant. Fire is the only thing that comes out of this man, so rest assured that this slab of club music is just that.

The flipside leads off with the 6Blocc (aka R.A.W. aka B-Boy 3000 – the legendary drum n’ bass turntablist) remix of Pacheko‘s “Lockdown.” The original version of “Lockdown” is out on the Japanese label Murder Channel. Here 6Blocc turns out a 4×4/Dubstep hybrid with reggae vocals rockin’ the vibe. Both moody and clubby at the same time, this tune is great fodder for a variety of crowds.

San Francisco‘s DNAEBEATS has been making serious waves and was recently called a “Producer Extraordinaire” by XLR8R Magazine. “Razur Kut” straddles the line between sludgy Hip Hop and boomin’ dancefloor fare, with an infectious R&B sample.

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