Blok Boyz

B.A.S.S./Branding A Serious Situation







  1. Clap City (Produced by Dev79)
  2. Zombie ft MC Elixir (Produced by Dev79)
  3. Secret Weapon (Produced by Dev79 & Oktopus)
  4. Show My A$$ (Produced by Dev79 & Jack Horner)
  5. We Do It (Produced by Dev79)

Already veterans of the mixtape grind – including one with Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang – and protégés of State Property’s infamous Oschino, the Blok Boyz – comprised of MCs 6 Mil and Inkredible Hus have joined voices with producer and Seclusiasis co-owner, Dev79, to forge a hybrid of Philly’s infamously gully street rap with thick-as-syrup beats and bone-chipping bass.

Branding A Serious Situation is the first official release from the duo, and fearlessly ventures into new sonic territory, while still keeping one foot firmly planted in hood. Tracks like “Zombie” featuring iconic Philly club master of ceremonies, MC Elixir, punches like a futuristic workout anthem for robot soldiers, while others like “Secret Weapon”, featuring former Dalek producer, Oktopus, ebbs and flows like a living, breathing monster. On each track of Branding A Serious Situation, when the Blok Boyz attack the beat, Dev79’s creations push right back. Take, for example, his collaboration with Jersey-native and Kool Keith beatmaker, Jack Horner, on “Show My A$$”. This track hits like a one-two gut punch with rhythms as grimey as the Blok Boyz’s flow. Or “Clap City”, the thunderous E.P. opener, which hammers like a herd of frightened elephants. Branding A Serious Situation is a mesmerizing collection of 5-tracks that seems both congruent with and ahead of the times. If this is the future of Philly street rap, then the Blok Boyz are leading the charge.

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