Darren Keen

Remix Is My Co-Pilot






  1. Diamonds (Todd Fink Remix)
  2. Walk The Water (Starkey Remix)
  3. One Beat (BSN Posse Remix)
  4. Walk The Water (King Remix)
  5. Frank Herbert Blues (Somejerk Remix)
  6. Walk The Water (Filtercutter Remix)
  7. Higher (Normaling Remix)

OK so a few of you lucky guys and gals managed to get your filthy hands on Darren Keen’s super sleek USB Is My Co-Pilot necklace but not everyone was lucky enough so we’re still gonna give you those sweet, sweet Darren Keen remixes from Todd Fink, Starkey, BSN Posse, Normaling, Somejerk, Filtercutter and KING because we can’t leave you hanging like that.

Darren Keen Is a one man beat wizard, who recently relocated from the cornfields of his native Omaha, Nebraska to the asphalt web of Brooklyn, New York. After 12 years of touring and releasing music in various projects, earlier this year Darren released a split EP with Machine Girl on Them Flavors. That split EP caught the ear of the Seclusiasis crew, all of who were especially impressed that this was Darren’s first foray into bass and footwork territory. That EP also featured a sneak peek at Darren’s “Higher” as remixed by juke stalwart DJ Earl (Tek Life). The original of “Higher” and three more distinctive up-tempo gems debut now on Roland is My Co-Pilot.

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