Beat Artillery – Ep. 17 – iConnectMidi2+

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve done a Beat Artillery blog folks. Been hard at work on new music.

Today I want to talk about the iConnect Midi 2+ which I’ve been using for months now. It’s a audio/midi interface that allows you to connect hardware midi devices, computers and iOS devices together. It also comes in a single in/out version as well as the 4+ which has even more connectivity.

In the studio, I’ve been using the iConnect Midi 2+ to connect my computer with my iPad, and more recently to also send midi to some hardware synths like the Korg Wavestation A/D. The cool thing about the iConnect is that the audio from the iOS app can be sent back to the computer digitally right through the 30-pin connector, so there’s no loss of audio quality or unnecessary A/D D/A conversions.

In your DAW, you create a midi track, send the midi to the correct midi port on the iConnect, and make sure your app is set to receive external midi. (I’ve been using the Fairlight, Animoog and others.) Then you need to make sure you’ve created an Aggregate i/o in the Audio/Midi setup (sorry PC users… I don’t know what you have to do to make this happen) between your regular audio interface and the iConnect. This allows the audio to be routed between the two devices. So you’ll now be able to see the additional audio inputs available from the iConnect on your channels in your DAW. Just record-enable and your set.

I also used the iConnect for the live sets I did in February in Canada. They were an experiment with a new setup, since I hadn’t done a live set in years. I connected my iPad running the Lemur app to Ableton Live via the iConnect because it allows for a much faster connection than WiFi. It’s also more reliable since it’s connected with actual cables. I was able to also connect an old midi controller with knobs and buttons (the original X-Session) via the iConnect as well, so everything was going through one USB port on the computer.

For more info on the iConnect devices… head over to their site. I bought the 2+ at my local Guitar Center for like $90. It definitely was a good purchase.

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