Philadelphia’s Siyoung is the tour DJ and one of the producers for indie rap group Plastic Little. Plastic Little have had a stream of releases out since 2003, on labels such as Sound-Ink, aNYthing, Tone Arm, Traffic, and Virgin UK. Siyoung has remixed Herve, Jahcoozi and Spank Rock among others. The LUV Hz Volume Zero EP is the first look at Siyoung as a solo artist. Here we see him delve into dubstep and bass music sounds and structures, while still retaining club and rap sensibilities. His sophomore release M.T.1.I.L. gives a taste of his many influences yet makes everything feel intrinsically his own. M.T.1.I.L. is out now on Seclusiasis.

SLK – “Hype Hype (Siyoung Remix)” [from Street Bass Bootlegs Vol. 2]
Siyoung & Dev79 – “Count Sockula” [from Street Bass Anthems Vol. 5]
Siyoung – MT1IL – EP
Wacka Flocka – “Hard In The Paint (Siyoung Remix VIP)” [from Street Bass Bootlegs]
Siyoung – LUV Hz Volume Zero – EP
Mestizo – “Let It Spray (Siyoung Remix)”
Siyoung – “Fire!” [from Street Bass Anthems Vol. 4 & Street Bass Anthems Vol. 4 Singles]

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