Milan, Italy’s Mace makes his debut solo release with the Philly Love Affair EP. Taking his passion for street bass and trap sounds and melding them with his unique and catchy club sensibilities, this EP strikes a balance of making you feel comfortable in the groove while still pushing boundaries of forward thinking sound.

As co-founder of turbofunk collective RESET!, Mace has DJ’ed sweaty clubs, big room venues and festivals in UK, Australia, Asia and Europe; released dance music on some of the world’s finest labels (Dim Mak, Mad Decent, among others), gathered support from Radio BBC1 and numerous global DJ’s, and remixed international acts such as Fatboy Slim, Cassius, Robyn, Marracash and many more. His hyperactive producer career started crafting underground hip hop beats in 2003, having produced and released more than 150 songs for numerous Italian acts. Yet making beats for other people started to feel limiting, so in 2007 he co-founded RESET! Organizing one of the biggest club-nights in Milano, they started together to merge their hip hop background with electro and 70′s funk, resulting in their unique turbofunk sound. They just released their latest single on Sony Records.

In 2013, Mace returned his focus to his solo productions; blurring the lines between hip hop, trap and sub-driven dance music. His first solo release as Mace was “Middle Finger Gospel” which featured on the recent Seclusiasis compilation Starkey presents Street Bass Anthems Vol. 6 and was well received as an epic dance floor stormer. With Philly Love Affair, Mace continues pushing genre boundaries, while still make dancefloors quake!!

Mace – Philly Love Affair – EP
Mace – “Middle Finger Gospel” [from Street Bass Anthems Vol. 6]

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