DNAEBEATS has been a force to be reckoned with on the underground scene for years. A San Francisco based artist who’s developed a mutant sound of his own; taking from hip hop, dubstep, and other influences to craft his intense beats. DNAEBEATS, aka Patrick Sexton, is an accomplished hip hop producer (working with the likes of Gift of Gab, MF Grimm, Quannum Projects, Z-Man, and more) that is poised to make a name for himself as a solo performer.

DNAEBEATS – “Red Curry Popsicle” (Nebula Remix)
DNAEBEATS – “Pussy Lick” [from Street Bass Anthems Vol. 5 – Mixtape Compilation
DNAEBEATS – Tangled In Technology – LP
DNAEBEATS – Why You Wanna ft. Psalm One, Casual, Mistah FAB – Single
DNAEBEATS – Secrets Worth Dying For – LP
DNAEBEATS – “Razur Kut” [from Street Bass Anthems Vol. 4 Singles/12”/CD]

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