BD1982, aka Brian Durr, is a producer/DJ who has an ever evolving sound that is rooted in organic tones and textures colliding with off-center dance structures. Currently residing in Japan, Brian has done tenures in Philadelphia and New York. While living in the U.S., BD1982 began working with Starkey and Dev79’s Seclusiasis crew and has had tracks on the acclaimed Street Bass Anthems mixtapes as well his own The Bigfoot EP in 2007. Since moving to Japan he’s become a staple in the scene, including regular DJ slots at Goth-Trad’s popular ‘Back To Chill’ parties in Tokyo. His debut album, Lets Talk Math, turned many heads with his unique interpretations of UK funky, dubstep and street bass all fused together and made his own!

Aaliyah – “If Your Girl Only Knew (BD1982 Remix)” [from Street Bass Bootlegs]
Bahamadia – “U Know How We Do (BD1982 Remix)” [from Street Bass Bootlegs]
BD1982 – Trails EP – Digital EP
BD1982 – Lets Talk Math – CD/Digital LP
BD1982 – “Soldier (Subtract)” [from Street Bass Anthems Vol. 4]
BD1982 – “Parallel to Tell” [from Street Bass Anthems Vol. 4]
BD1982 – Shotta Pon De Corner ft. 77 Klash / Space Boots – 12″/Digital Single
Vicious – “The Glock (BD1982 Remix)” [from Street Bass Anthems Vol. 3]
BD1982 – The Bigfoot EP – Digital EP
DJ Blaqstarr ft. Rye Rye – “Shake it to the Ground (BD1982 remix)” [from Street Bass Anthems Vol. 2]
Cassidy vs. BD1982 – Am to the Eko (Dev79’s Gully Blend) [from Street Bass Anthems Vol. 1]

BD1982 – “Trails” (from Lets Talk Math LP & Trails EP)

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