Tilt Shifted City

My solo travels started when I was just 5 years of age; my mom put me on a plane, alone, to my dad’s house for 3 weeks .  That experience was the catalyst for my independence.

I moved to San Francisco by way of Sacramento in 2006, this has been the first solo city move without my mother and has been very rewarding.

Theatre District

Everyday I have been here, it feels surreal.   The current area I live in, Tender Nob (all UK friends laugh at this name, it’s between the Tenderloin and Nob Hill areas), and has been my favorite area I have lived in yet.   Best restaurants (with the biggest variety of food), super centrally located, rent is the cheapest and you get the best views of architecture and design.

Favorite Apartment Building in Nob Hill


It wasn’t until I actually moved to the Tender Nob that I found I had such an appreciation for architecture and design.   And with my iPhone and Instagram I have been able to document so many wonderful things in my travels around the city of SF.


Corner of O’Farrell and Grant streets in Union Square

Currently, I have lived in 5 cities in the United States and traveled throughout the UK, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, France and Croatia and there are so many different places  I still wish to document and I am happy I have this platform to share what I see with you , more to come next month , thanks for reading and viewing!

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