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Street Bass Anthems Vol 7 – Out in all shops!

Please help us spread the word on the 7th installment of Seclusiasis label co-captains, Starkey & Dev79, groundbreaking compilation series, Street Bass Anthems! This is a diverse and heavy collection of International artists with each bringing their own flavor!

16 tracks of bass n’ beats passionately over take your body for a 60+ minute ride through an urban fueled soundscapes. Highlighted by appearances from scene vets such as Canada’s Knight Riderz, LA’s Bass Science and Miami’s MartyParty as well as up and coming producers like Chooky & Ricky VaughnSwim Wear and KAW. Not to mention the contributions from Starkey and Dev79themselves, which contain some of the LP’s most fire moments. This compilation pulls out all the stops, giving you a gamut of vibes and styles yet all being unified under the Street Bass banner.
03. Chooky & Ricky Vaughn – 6 Million Ways
04. Knight Riderz – Addicted
05. Starkey – Stones
06. Dev79 – Take the Cake ft Che Grand
09. Kola VI & Thunderbird Juicebox – Low Low
10. Starkey & MartyParty – Million $
11. Bass Science – Dark Circles
12. Dstar – Mars Battle ft Armanni Reign & Stainless Steele
13. SWIM WEAR – Tropicolada
14. Dev79 – Dutch Yak
15. Fast Nasty – Smurkn

Support our latest compilation at these digital shops and many more!
Plus you can order the limited edition Cassette (+mp3/wav) direct from us for $10!

Check some of the Street Bass Anthems Vol 7 media features:
Red Bull US Premiere: Starkey & Dev79 “MIR Handstand”
HighOnBeats Premiere: Thunderbird Juicebox & Kola IV “Low Low”
Soul Champion Review of SBA7
Mixmag Announces Tracklist & “MIR Handstand” Devil Mix
Do Androids Dance Mix Series featuring Swim Wear
Red Bull Italy Premiere: The Golden Toyz “Pinky Crazy”
Trapstyle features Bass Science Seclusiasis Sub FM Mix

If you missed the Philly Release Party and live Mixify stream, you can check out the full 4 hours for stream or download on our Soundcloud. Featuring live DJ sets from Starkey, Dev79, Thunderbird Juicebox and .rar Kelly.

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New Seclus Jockey Free Download from Sinistarr!

Grab the freebie single now!

In keeping with his track record of unpredictability, Sinistarr unveiled his bootleg remix of the deep house belter, “Givin’ It Up” by Sydney-based producer, Lancelot, for the seventeenth installment of our SeclusJockey series.  In his able hands, “Givin It Up” is transformed into unclassifiable masterpiece. Sinistarr immediately draws you in with the Cleopatra’s lush vocals of Lancelot’s original, laced with Deep House piano lines above timeless breaks and scattered Footwork kicks. And then the tracks transmogrifies into a flurry of chopped amen breaks, hypnotic synth stabs, and manic Juke kicks – all the beneath Anthony’s pulsing falsetto. The result is an R&B/ Deep House/ Footwork/ Club hybrid that unlike anything else we’ve yet released in Seclus Jockey series!

Respect out to VIBE and Future Classics for the blog love!

Detroit’s chameleon producer, Sinistarr, is one of the few American producers whose myriad of musical tastes is translated effortlessly into his own unique sound. Having released on labels such as Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware, Hospital Records, Loose Squares, and DJ Ink’s Architecture, Sinistarr may always seems to have one foot firmly planted in his beloved breaks, while the rest is a multifarious assortment of sounds and styles.
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Live Stream from SBA7 Release Party

Oh yes we’ll be streaming live audio and video from Creep Records Store in Philly!

RSVP on Mixify

Live DJ Sets from
Starkey & Dev79     ||     Thunderbird Juicebox     ||     .rar Kelly

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Warsnare “Children With Feet Of Giants” Next Month

In advance of his forthcoming “Endgame” Mini-LP on Seclusiasis, WARSNARE releases the first single with the Mass version of “Children with Feet of Giants,” in all digital shops Monday August 11th.

An epic five and a half minute journey, “Children with Feet of Giants (Mass)” is the type of song that will slay dancefloors and vibe out headphone listeners! Taking influence from UK Garage, tribal percussion and modern production sensibilities to forge a powerful sound that is all his own, “Children with Feet of Giants (Mass)” is sure to create a lot of fans and set the pace for what’s to come on the “Endgame” Mini-LP in early Fall.

WARSNARE emerges from the creative melting pot that is London’s New Cross, carving out a unique sound from the remains of pop culture. Having produced soundtracks for award-winning short films and AV installations, as well as an arsenal of releases on Shades (Eris EP), Future Followers (with Bottle Collector) and Seclusiasis (Brutalist EP) WARSNARE, produces music thats impossible to pin down and infectious to listen to. An unabashed blurring of the cinematic and the downright woozy, his work combines shards of disembodied R&B, footwork, House, Old School, Garage and whatever else takes his fancy. WARSNARE has remixed the likes of The Twilight Sad, Fybe:one and Breton, and Affelaye.

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Street Bass Anthems Vol 7 Release Party in Philly!

To celebrate the release of the STREET BASS ANTHEMS VOL 7 Cassette & Digital LP we are having a special daytime Release Party at the Creep Records Store in the Piazza, located in Northern Liberties Philly. From 2pm-6pm we’ll be spinning tunes, hanging out and selling cassette tapes! No cover charge, all ages welcome, free stickers and surprises all day!

Our Baltimore homies Thunderbird Juicebox (his dope collab with Kola IV – “Low Low” is featured on SBA7 and was premiered on HighOnBeats.com this past weekend) and .rar Kelly will be coming up to join Starkey & Dev79 on the decks so expect a diverse and power packed afternoon of music!

Saturday July 26th 2-6pm

DJ sets by
Starkey & Dev79
Thunderbird Juicebox
.rar Kelly

No Cover / All Ages
Creep Records Store / Suite 76 in the Piazza
1050 N Hancock Street Philadelphia PA 19123

Remember we’re just 1 week away from the digital release and you can pre-order on iTunes right now and receive Starkey’s “Attack” instantly as an early exclusive! Or buy the tape direct from us!

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Street Beasts Vol. II

Hey everyone! I hope you are ready for some serious cuteness. You may think that this is all fun and games, but in reality if aliens ever wanted to take over this planet, all they’d have to do is look like adorable little animals, and we’d be powerless against them. We’d surrender without a fight for a mere shake of a furry tail or a wiggle of a plucky whisker. You may think of this blog entry as preparation and training for the upcoming invasion. I am simply teaching you to withstand “The Cute”. (I’ve been watching a lot of Doctor Who lately, so alien invasion is all think about these days). So let’s see what have I been up to lately? I attended a wedding that was held at the most exciting of venues – New England Aquarium. I may have had a reaction similar to Kristen Bell‘s Sloth Meltdown (not really) when I found out there would be penguins and sea lions at this wedding.

Who wouldn’t want this guy to be greeting guests during cocktail hour?

Other than that work at the hospital and pet sitting gigs have provided the rest of the content for this column.

I thought I’d share a couple of pics of animals looking very displeased.

This little Frenchie puppy is just NOT having any of it.

This was captured over a little pet-sitting gig. This dude was very displeased to be discovered in his owners’ dresser. I mean you’d think I ruined his world domination plans… or maybe I did!!!

Which is kinda silly cause all you need for world domination is to look like this

Dear Hoomanz, I salute you! If you worship me, and love me, and take care of me, I will continue to look adorable. Obey my ways now!

I hope this day would never come cause we’d be powerless against them. (I really need to take a break from Dr. Who I think. These thoughts of world domination are just bizarre)

Anyway, here is my friend Merlin preparing to open his own SPA

Mr. Merlin giving me a facial

And last but not least my now late friend Jill. Jill has passed very peacefully in the arms of her loving family after a long struggle with congestive heart failure. She had a great life and was surrounded by people she loved up until the very end. I hope at the end of my life I am also a snaggletoothed mohawk-rockin grandma.

Jillie-Bean :)

This wraps it up for this month’s Street Beasts. Check back again next month for more cuteness.
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Beat Artillery – Ep. 19 – iMPC Pro

Hey everyone! Starkbot here…. and it’s time for another installment of Beat Artillery. This time we’re going to iOS for Retronyms’ iMPC update, the iMPC Pro. The company has been giving sneak previews for a few months now…. but today the new app for beatmaking on the iPad was finally released. I was lucky enough to get it early …thanks guys ;) ……so I’ve been playing around with it for a few days, and thought I’d give you a quick rundown of my initial reactions.

When you first launch the iMPC Pro you’ll notice your sessions are saved on what looks like old school floppy discs. You’ll find that sort of nostalgia in the interface and overall feel of the app… but they’ve added some features that really take advantage of the iPad’s multi-touch screen that aren’t possible on a hardware MPC. The linking of filters to stutter beat effects in an almost Kaoss-pad like interface leads to some cool experimentation with your beat-making. And that’s really what I see as the strength of the iMPC Pro. When I’m using it, I’m not doing anything that I would be doing if I was sitting in front of my computer with a keyboard or other midi interface.

The sample editing tools are really easy to use with the app; and the FX are very musical. I found navigating through the different tracks and sequences to be pretty intuitive after spending about 15 minutes clicking around everything.

The lack of option clicks, command clicks, etc… on the iPad can often make tasks that are really easy to accomplish on a computer-based DAW, or even some hardware systems, take forever to do. Or they take countless double taps, tap and hold, two finger taps, swipes, etc…. to figure out how to do them. The iMPC Pro does a pretty good job of making “normal” production tasks easy to accomplish…. however, I did have some issues with re-adjusting the quantization grid in the sequencer window. It’s probably super easy to do…. but for some reason I was having issues with it. That was pretty much the only hangup I had the entire time I spent working with the app.

You should definitely check out the Retronyms YouTube page for all their preview videos of iMPC Pro because they show off all the capabilities of the app. I’m looking forward to having a tune that I start on the iMPC turn into something pretty sick.

The iMPC Pro is on sale for a limited time for only $12.99 on the App Store… so make sure you grab it. It’s really a steal at that price.

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Tapes Available Now – Street Bass Anthems Vol 7

Yes!!! For the first time ever Seclusiasis is releasing a cassette! We’ve done vinyl, CD, USB drives and of course digital download releases… and now we are pumping out a limited edition of 100 cassettes, for the seminal Street Bass Anthems series!

The official release date in all digital shops, for Street Bass Anthems Volume 7, is Monday July 28th – but for the die hard supporters who’ve been holding it down for us, we’re releasing the tape today so you can get the scoop! All tape orders will also receive a private download link to grab the digital (WAV & MP3) version of the compilation, sent out within 24 hours of cassette order.

Buy it now and be the first on ya block to slang the bangers – just $10 + $3 shipping in U.S. (contact us for international shipping quotes) and you get the tape + digital!

Starkey & Dev79 present Street Bass Anthems Volume 7
Cassette Tape (plus Wav & Mp3 download)

Side A
01. Starkey & Dev79 – MIR Handstand
02. The Golden Toyz – Pinky Crazy
03. Chooky & Ricky Vaughn – 6 Million Ways
04. Knight Riderz – Addicted
05. Starkey – Stones
06. Dev79 – Take the Cake ft Che Grand
07. Edgewoode & MANIKAN – Riding Round 285
08. KAW – Under the Purps
Side B
01. Kola VI & Thunderbird Juicebox – Low Low
02. Starkey & MartyParty – Million $
03. Bass Science – Dark Circles
04. Dstar – Mars Battle ft Armanni Reign & Stainless Steele
05. SWIM WEAR – Tropicolada
06. Dev79 – Dutch Yak
07. Fast Nasty – Smurkn
08. Starkey – Attack

And it doesn’t stop there! We’ve got some super special limited edition ‘Street Bass’ Philly Map t-shirts to help celebrate the release of Volume 7. These are 1 off printed exclusives, only available bundled with a tape. $30 and you get shirt + tape! Act fast.

SBA7 Cassette + Dark Navy Blue T-Shirt Large – $30 (plus $5 U.S. shipping)

SBA7 Cassette + Teal Blue T-Shirt Large – $30 (plus $5 U.S. shipping)

SBA7 Cassette + Grey T-Shirt Medium – $30 (plus $5 U.S. shipping)

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Street Bass Anthems Volume 7 Coming Soon!

Starkey & Dev79 present STREET BASS ANTHEMS VOLUME 7 is coming at the end of July! We are hype to bring you the next installment of the Street Bass series, with 16 tracks of International fire! Big respect out to Russian badman Pixelord for providing the sick cover artwork for this compilation!

Take a listen to the lead track off the comp, a searing collaboration from Starkey & Dev79, entitled “MIR Handstand.” The good folks over at Red Bull premiered the track earlier in the week and asked Starkey & Dev79 a couple questions, check that out here!

This compilation will be released on limited edition cassette tape and digital. More info soon.

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Seclus Booze 002: The Tyne Bar

For this month’s Seclus Booze I travelled back to my old home town of Newcastle, UK. No, not Newcastle-under-Lyme; the real one, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

A little, but rapidly-expanding, area of Newcastle is the Ouseburn Valley. Beginning in the east end of the city and finishing at the Quayside, Newcastle’s Ouseburn Valley is one of the greatest drinking spots in the whole of the UK.

There’s a whole tonne of really well-run pubs with plenty of focus on ales and live music, but the one I’m going to focus on is The Tyne Bar – though I could write whole essays on pretty much every pub there.

It’s an ace little pub with plenty of outdoor seating and even their own outside music venue that could rival most academies and student unions (I actually saw Joker play one of the best dubstep sets I’ve ever seen in that poky little yard). It’s a little small inside so I generally prefer to go in the summer months when you can take advantage of the huge amounts of outdoor space, but if it’s cold and quiet it’s a good spot to hide from the cold.

And if you’re like me and you’re too uncultured for real ales, they also have a load of lagers on tap as well as plenty of clear alcoholic drinks for rich white ladies on diets.

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