STUFF YER FACE: Undercover Cupcakes

So my roommate texts me earlier “I’m in Cali, eat the cupcakes in the fridge.” I don’t really remember cupcakes being in the fridge so I mosey on over and take a look, and theres two nifty lil mason jars in there.

This is some layered cupcake indulgence action right here. Red Velvet and Vanilla Buttermilk are the flavors. Generally I’m not the biggest cupcake guy but these fuckers were pretty damn tasty. I think the Vanilla Buttermilk was my fave of the two, but I was way feeling both of em. Apparently Undercover Cupcake is a new off shoot of the successful Cookie Confidential bakery. And they apparently have something called “Beer Cakes” as well, that sounds crazy and that just may be another blog post down the line. I’m all about creative independent businesses in Philly!

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