STUFF YER FACE: Saigon & SoundClash !


Had a little soundclash studio session the other day with my good friend Anita Vokill.  After jamming for a bit we took a break and hit up a good banh mi spot called Saigon here on the west side of Indianapolis.

I ordered my usual – #35 Grilled Pork Banh Mi and an order of 3 vegetarian egg rolls. The banh mi is about a foot long and at $4.50, it’s better than anything you would get at Subway. Anita Vokill had never tried a banh mi before, so he followed my lead and got the same.

The rice flour baguette is crispy outside, but soft and fluffy inside.  It’s stuffed with grilled pork, cilantro, jalapenos, cucumber, and do chua – a mix of pickled carrots and daikon radishes.  I always hit mine with a couple of lines of Sriracha for an added kick!

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