The other day I grabbed a quick lunch with BANGS NICELY!!! We were in the mood for some Thai food, so we hit one of Indy’s best spots, SIAM SQUARE. Located in the historic Fountain Square neighborhood, SIAM SQUARE offers awesome weekday lunch specials featuring fresh ingredients, some of which are grown right behind the restaurant in their very own herb garden.


I’m a huge pad thai fan and that’s what I order when I’m at SIAM SQUARE. I went with the shrimp pad thai this time. It was a great combo of bean sprouts, green onions and crushed peanuts, and fresh, perfectly cooked shrimp. I add a side of peanut sauce for that extra kick. Every lunch special is served with a spring roll and thom yum soup.


My man BANGS NICELY doesn’t play around when he comes to SIAM SQUARE. He likes to EAT, so he always orders a dinner portion of the Drunken Noodles. A stir fried mix of noodles, chicken, basil, green beans, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, and egg with that special Drunken sauce…


Word on that street is that the owners of SIAM SQUARE are opening a banh mi shop! I’m pretty excited to try that out!

BANGS NICELY just dropped a new track featuring two of Indy’s finest MC’s GREY GRANITE and MR KINETIK


Crushed Purple feat. Mr. Kinetik & Grey Granite by Bangsnicely

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