Stuff Yer Face: C-Juice (the official drink of Street Bass)

Ok so we’ve been getting a lot of queries about this lately and I figured I’d demystify the legend of “C-Juice” for the people. Honestly I don’t remember exactly how we came up with it, but a few years ago Starkey and me were sitting around brainstorming on drink specials, dance moves and sci-fi movie preferences when we stumbled on what would become the official drink of Street Bass. We dig Emergen-C, its tasty and healthy. Vodka is a standard favorite amongst many. Put the two together and add a splash of ginger ale for good measure. Bang, your getting drunk and getting healthy at the same time, and all in the name of Street Bass. All good my friends, all good.

Lets recap:

Emergen-C (tangerine or citrus)
Ginger Ale

C-Juice. The official drink of Street Bass. Try it for yourself and send in videos.

We will have $2 C-Juice available at the Philadelphia Street Bass Anthems 5 Release Party next week!

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