Street Beasts Vol. III

Happy Sunday everyone and welcome to Street Beasts Vol. III. Polina here again with another random collection of cute animals. This month we have “the uje” – cats and dogs for the main course with a side dish of pigeon and a white tiger spotted in the middle of Boston for desert. Hope you are ready.

To start things off, I think I may have met the dog equivalent of Grumpy Cat.


Personally I think this lil puppy looks just like Walter – one of the puppets used by comedian ventriloquist Jeff Dunham






I’ve also encountered a case of doggie doppelgangers. Dogs that looks alike are obviously very common among the purebreds, but it’s rare to see it among mutts that don’t come from the same litter or even the same region. Also, in this case it was less of a doppelganger and more of a “Doctor Evil & Mini Me” situation since one of the pups was like 1/3 of the size of the other. You guys remember my boss’s dog Fergus aka Fungus? Well, check this out!


Not Fergus










No idea what kind of mutt either one of these beasts are but they sure do look alike.

I also met a cat with giant eyes

Classic “Polina with animal” selfie 🙂























and a ridiculously adorable King Charles puppy.

Can anyone even here cause I know I can’t

The heartwarming story of the month goes to the pigeon though. Animal control picked up an injured racing pigeon. He was mostly OK, but one of his wings was hanging low so the bird was not able to fly. I guess the deal with racing pigeons is sometimes they can become so exhausted and dehydrated that they fall, t with a few days of rest and nourishment, they can spring back. We took the bird in and gave him exactly that – rest and nourishment. Racing pigeons are used to being handled so he was pretty friendly with everyone.

Challenger when he first arrived to us

In my Soviet horribleness I named him Challenger (I know, I know I have a perverse sense of humor but seriously how is this name not perfect for something that’s supposed to fly and doesn’t).



Days passed and his wing healed enough that Challenger was trying to fly inside his cage. It was time to let him go.

My co-workers may have been singing Circle of Life as we took this pic 🙂

Since he was able to fly away on his own, I guess we can change his name to Soyuz now.







And now for the grand finale we get to the white tiger in the middle of Boston. This pic was snapped right near the historic Boston Common Gardens. I was just walking down the street and BAM there was a tiger staring at me from someone’s car. Since the car was parked near the city hall, I can only assume this beast belongs to one of the city officials. I mean cmon people! Who leaves a tiger in the car in the middle of the summer. At least crack the windows or something!

Had you going there for a second didn’t i?

That’s it for this month’s Street Beasts. Hope you had fun!

About Polina

Born and raised in Soviet Union / Russia and currently living in Boston, I am a relative newcomer to the world of electronic music. I fell in love with bass music about five and a half years ago but since being a spectator is not really "my thing", I started running a weekly called Music Ecology at one of Boston's bars about 6 months later. Since then, I have been heavily involved with the electronic music scene in Boston producing or promoting events and working for the annual Together festival. Most recently, I joined the Seclusiasis family to gain knowledge on the label industry and assist them with some of their marketing needs.
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