Street Bass Anthems 5 USB Flash Drive Wristband

We didn’t feel like dropping a CD version of this volume of Street Bass Anthems…so we were thinking, wtf can we do thats a little bit different and fun…a USB flash drive release jumped out and after much deliberation we decided on a spiffy wristband.

Then we thought, how can we jam pack this 2GB USB wristband drive with as much cool stuff as possible? We start with Street Bass Anthems Vol. 5 and then we add Street Bass Bootlegs Vol. 2 (which we haven’t even announced the existence of yet!) both in WAV format. It doesn’t stop there, we’ve included two different street bass wallpapers (in 3 different resolutions each) and to top it off a custom street bass drive icon for good measure.

Super limited edition, we’ve only got 75 in production and about half the run is already reserved. We highly suggest you get your pre-order in now. These will be done in time for the June 1st Philly party, but if you pre-order they will ship out as soon as we have them, most likely May 28th.

To recap:
– Street Bass Anthems Vol. 5 (17 WAV tracks)
– Street Bass Bootlegs Vol. 2 (15 WAV tracks)
– Street Bass wallpaper (2 versions, 3 resolutions each)
– on a reusable 2GB USB Flash Drive Wristband!!!

Only $10 + $5 postage anywhere in the U.S.
If you’re ordering internationally email us so we can figure out the shipping cost for you.

Pre-order via Paypal now!!!

Dev79 presents Street Bass Anthems Volume 5
01. MANIKAN – For All Y’all
02. Dev79 – Black Hoodie ft Suzi Analogue
03. Food For Animals – Shhhy (Starkey Remix)
04. Knight Riderz – Rudie Cyaant Fail ft MC Zulu
05. Cobra Krames & Dev79 & Terror Dactel – Gun Finger Banger ft Buddy Leezle
06. Rx & Shiftee – Think About It
07. King – Animal Calypso
08. 7982 – Letters & Numbers
09. Turnin’ Tricks – Errybody Got Geeked
10. Starkey – Circus ft Halfcast
11. El Carnicero & Dev79 – Up Against The Wall ft MC Elixir
12. Bass Science – I Need To Know ft BRCA
13. Siyoung & Dev79 – Count Sockula
14. Doshy – Prora
15. DNAEBEATS – Pussy Lick
16. Dev79 – This That Shit You Need In Life ft John Morrison
17. Elucid & Disc Jockey Nappy – You Ain’t Even Know

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