1. Endgame (Solitude)
  2. Children With Feet Of Giants (Solitude)
  3. Megatribe (Solitude)
  4. Predator & Prey (Solitude)
  5. Endgame (Mass)
  6. Children With Feet Of Giants (Mass)
  7. Megatribe (Mass)
  8. Predator & Prey (Mass)

ENDGAME is an 8 track mini-LP coming on both 12” vinyl and digital versions. The sound of this release filters WARSNARE’s familiar eclectic style through a lens focused on the accelerating destruction of civilization. Split down the middle with 2 versions of every song, unique ‘Solitude’ and ‘Mass’ takes on all tracks it is bold, bassy, cinematic and could be his most intricate work yet.

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