Seclus Booze 01: The Fat Pug

Since this is somewhat of a reboot I thought it best to revisit a pub I’ve told you about on here before. Back then it was The Coventry Arms, a confused little boozer who wanted to be a hipster hangout and a local boozer all at once.

Naturally it made a bit of an arse of both, but it has achieved its final form now and has since changed its name to The Fat Pug.

Now they seem to have found their feet a little more; the pub actually looks finished, the kitchen’s up and running and every available surface has been plastered with pictures of pugs.

While it is a much nicer, cleaner pub, it has become a bit of a haven for mothers and their hellspawn. Just a little FYI, if you’re wondering where to drag your screaming children on a Friday night, a pub is probably not your best shout.

It is my personal belief that pubs should be as hostile and unwelcoming to families as is legally possible.

Thank you and good night.

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