Normaling “Full Metal” Next On Deck!

For our next release Baltimore badboy duo Normaling presents “Full Metal” – a club onslaught that takes no prisoners on the dancefloor. Featuring sick and eclectic remixes by KING, Vjuan Allure and House of Black Lanterns!!! Look for this gem to be in all digital shops & streaming on Monday June 29th!

Normaling bring their raucous approach to club music for their debut Seclusiasis release. This full throttle audible frenzy may teeter on the abrasive, but “Full Metal” could very well become the anthem for stomping the night away on the dancefloor – or rioting in the streets. Either way, this club monster will get you screaming and pumping your fists!

In addition to the hell-on-wheels onslaught of Normaling’s original, we’ve backed it up with 3 surefire remixes that touch on a myriad of sonic flavors to round out the package. No stranger to Seclusiasis’ catalog, Las Vegas badman King steps up with a captivating percussion workout. One of the founding fathers and brightest stars in the ballroom house scene, Vjuan Allure, tones down the original’s menacing qualities, and amps up the bump factor for his remix. And closing it out, Berlin’s House of Black Lanterns gives us a late night techno infused track that’s sure to vibe you out after a long night of raving.

A seemingly unlikely pair from the outside looking in, Normaling’s .rar Kelly and Lemz expands the palette of Baltimore Club with techno, electro, hip-hop, ballroom, cinematic soundscapes and a host of other underground sounds. When listening to Normaling you might hear something like Baltimore Club music for the runway, or dark techno with a perfect hint of sass. Although their sound may prove undefinable, one fact remains – Normaling is pushing club music to it’s furthest edges and laughing all the way.

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