New Seclus Jockey 18 – Dev79 & RVLVR out NOW!!!

The ever-expanding sound of Starkey & Dev79’s Street Bass is pushed to the outer limits with “Plinky Babie” – an original collaborative track from Philadelphia’s RVLVR and Street Bass bossman, Dev79. The sonic journey of “Plinky Babie” encapsulates everything that makes Street Bass such a novel and evolving sound. From it’s twisted arpeggiated arp progressions to its sensual R&B vocals to its pummelling kicks and spastic percs, “Plinky Babie” is not only a history lesson of the Street Bass sound developed by Starkey and Dev79 over a decade ago, but also foretells where Philadelphia’s niche bass driven genre is heading.

Such a triumph on a single track is awe-inspiring. RVLVR (formerly Speaker for the Dead) is a multi-instrumentalist/composer/laptop musician and music educator. As member of the Actual Records/Glitch Squad/New Low crews, RVLVR has been a staple of the Philly bass scene for years.

Philadelphia producer/DJ, Dev79, has been banging it out as OG of the international bass underground scene. He effortlessly weaves elements of grime, garage, rap, dubstep, juke, among a plethora of other styles from Philly’s rich cultural and musical history into a tapestry of urban bass music that he (along with compatriot Starkey) have dubbed “Street Bass”. Through his original productions, remixes and collaborations, Dev79 always takes his listeners on an intrepid emotional ride into the sonic abyss.

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