DJ Pound: “New Endings” COMING SOON!!!

For a few years now California’s Danny Gonzalez, aka DJ Pound, has been banging up raw beats with nasty spaced out synth work. “New Endings” is his Seclusiasis debut and the songs run a gamut of tempos while all sharing a vibe and impact that is uniquely his own. Hard thumping tracks that scream “Street Bass” in your face and force your body to bounce around.

Standout tracks include the melodic vibe out of Silver Rain Blanket, the unabashed hip hop in a volcano of Dropped A Bomb On U and the brutally minimal riddim Work.

DJ Pound has released on Saturate! Records, Monkeytown, Robox Neotech, Stylss, Kill Quanti and others. He’s been featured on Boiler Room, Generation Bass, Dataset, Doctor Krank, Music You Need and more. In addition to his production and remixes, Pound can be found turning up crowds while DJ’ing all over the U.S. West Coast.

“New Endings” hits all digital shops on Monday March 3rd! Do NOT sleep on this one!

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