Aquadrop’s ‘Synthesized Landscapes From The Future’ getting sick reviews from y’all!

Smashing into Juno Download’s ‘Most Charted‘, Aquadrop‘s ‘Synthesized Landsapes From The Future is proving to be a runaway success! We’ve had a lot of love on this one lately and we wanted to show you what you’re missing. So go get your copy to see what the fuss is about!

“Craziness! Melodies are out of control. Tunes are just nuts. 8/10”
– DJ Shiftee

“Loving the Back and Forth tune 7/10”
– Kozee

“Back and forth is squiggly goodness 7/10”
– DJ Ripley

“This EP is incredible. Eagle Nebula and See Ya will get nuff spins to make you dizzy. 10/10”
– Cutups

“Solid release all the way through. Definitely supporting! 8/10”
– Kid Smpl

“Aquadrop is CONSTANTLY 10 steps ahead, amazing as usual! 10/10”
– Tony Rocky Horror

“Stunning. Wonderful bright colourful music for the Summer… 8/10”

“Mare Tranquillatis is wild! Back + Forth too. 7/10”
– Nick Catchdubs

“This is SWEET. Totally vamp’d up my festival sets! 8/10”
– Contstruct

And here’s what the press had to say about this bad boy:

“If you’re a fan of the wonky, complex basslines of Hudmo and Rustie then Aquadrop is a name you should be familiar with RIGHT NOW.”
The Future Flavor

“this is an addictive EP”
Sea Punk Gang

“Synthesized Landscapes From Future pushes somewhere past the realm of singular genres”

“The treble range on each song is extremely complex, with whirling bubble synths, 808 snares clapping, and a bass that is offbeat in just that perfect way.”
Funkadelphia Music

On top of all of that, ‘Back and Forth’ was featured on one of the most recent podcasts from the inimitable Sound Pellegrino crew! So do yourself a favor and go grab this EP from any of the following:

Juno Download

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