130 Compilation!

Seclusiasis is back once again with another BPM compilation ready to smash the block and pump out the vibes for Summer. This time the gang have focused on the tried and true club tempo of “130” and they’ve got a stacked affair. 

Hitting shops & streaming Friday July 29th!

Featuring Sinistarr, DJ Shiftee, ill-esha, Jon Kwest, Albino Gorilla and more, this compilation is a diverse look at the “130” tempo. In true Seclusiasis fashion the vibes are running a wide gamut to show both the breadth of what one can do with the tempo and the unique tastes of curators Dev79, rar Kelly and Starkey.

Some of the track highlights include… Dark, minimal bass smacks you in the face from Portland’s El Cucuy. Detroit’s Sinistarr sets it off with a fierce drum workout that sounds like Boyz II Men in the studio with Ed Rush. ill-esha’s always synth-tacular sound touches on grime influence here and is surefire. Normaling mix UK bassline styles with their Baltimore Club foundation, def one for the dancers. Philly’s Bombé brings the closer with moody and cathartic vibes that will immediately have you bobbing to the swing.

Sick cover art by Tim Shaw.

Check out the bonkers tracklist:

1. Radio Etc – Catacomb
2. El Cucuy – Guttersnipes
3. Slagz & Suspect Bitch – N2Deep
4. Jon Kwest – Hol Up
5. Sinistarr – Pecking Order
6. Normaling – Boom Bap Hit
7. DJ Shiftee & Dark Dred – Paper Trail
8. ill-ēsha – Coraline
9. Kenny99 – Heart Wants
10. AlbinoGorilla – Fine Daze
11. Samurai Breaks & Regent Cid – What’s His Name
12. Bombé – Hush

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