‘100’ Compilation soon to drop!

It’s been about a year since the release of the 160 compilation, and it felt like the right time for the Seclusiasis gang to unleash the second installment of our tempo themed compilation series. And so we bring you – 100 – dropping on Friday Jan 29th!

After much deliberation (and many, many pints) of which BPM to focus on for this volume, Dev79, Starkey and cohort .rar Kelly flipped a coin and had the bartender call it. And thus, 100 was born. Don’t get it twisted – just because we decided on 100bpm does NOT mean this is a twerk related compilation. 100 has no constraints really. The only guideline is for producers to make a track in the 95-105 BPM range. The end result is a full spectrum of electronic sounds – even more varied than the inaugural 160.

From Cali’s CRIMES! opening with a crushing head nod, to World DMC Champ DJ Shiftee joining Philly rapper Bok Nero for the album’s only full vocal song (and a very catchy one at that), to the screwed anti gravity grime of Bass Science and the lurching hypnotic half time vibes of Slagz & Suspect Bitch…just to a name a few, everything here is dope and thick with bass.

And the team is dedicated, they are definitely not letting another year go by before you get the next tempo comp, the 130 edition is right around the corner so keep your ears open!

1. CRIMES! – Bodi Dem
2. Thunderbird Juicebox – Drop That
3. Shiftee – Foeva’eva ft Bok Nero
4. RVLVR – Crash
5. Dev79 & Swimwear – Hundo Mundo
6. Bass Science – Year Zero
7. Johnathan Thomas & Squirrely Bass – I Dreamt I Was Falling
8. Pleasure – It’s So Lit Fam
9. Max Klaw – Cheap Thrillz
10. Gutta Kick – Trill Pickles
11. Slagz & Suspect Bitch – MNBCVX

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